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    Cast Iron Radiators From Traditionals


Radiator sections are supplied on pallets to facilitate handling. They are delivered fully assembled, so no site assembly is required. Any accessories are delivered packed separately for fitting by the installer. It is important that radiators are protected from the elements during offloading and are stored in dry and adequately heated premises. After radiators have been removed from their pallets they must be kept vertical whilst being carried to their installation locations to avoid damage to the section joints.


Safe handling


Cast iron radiators are heavy. Always provide sufficient manpower to make carrying safe. Incorrect
handling of radiators can cause water leaks from section joints. Lift the radiators in the centre to
bring them to the vertical position before lifting and carrying. Never carry radiators stretcher


DO NOT! Lift from one end

DO NOT! Carry radiators flat


ALWAYS! Lift in centre

ALWAYS! Keep sections vertical





Subject to correct handling, installation, water treatment and operation, radiators are guaranteed

for 10 years from date of despatch. The guarantee is not valid if the radiator sections become

blocked with debris and/or carbonate deposits from the heating system or for leakage from
connection joints that are not factory assembled. System water must be treated with an approved
additive to remove dissolved oxygen and control the ph value.



delivery service

Radiators are secured to a pallet
and kerbside delivered using HGV.
Please inform us if HGV access to your property is a concern.


Handling radiators

Cast iron radiators are extremely
heavy and great care should be taken
when moving them into your property.
View our "handling radiators" doc

Handling Radiators PDF

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